The idea

Millions of people eat nuts everyday. For over 10,000 years they have been a key element for a healthy and balanced diet. It’s time to innovate the way we conceive and consume these fruits, preserving its taste and essence.


Giving you the chance of creating the product, with an eco-friendly packaging, with a portable case to take everywhere.

Makadamia is an innovative e-commerce that offers you the possibility to buy nuts, dried fruits and seeds. For the first time ever you can create a completely customized mix, choosing from our variety of products coming from all over the world.
Choose only what you love!

We process raw materials directly in our company, reducing intermediaries and CO2 emissions, ensuring maximum freshness and quality for your just in time created mix. We truly believe in a world that cares about your needs, your health, and our planet.
This is why we created a packaging that not only is it recyclable, but also 100% compostable.

Bring your own mix always with you in a functional and cool case! We designed a smart tool to bring your mix of proteins, carbs and vitamins everywhere.

“If things are functional we perform better in our everyday life”
Kelly Wearstler, Award winning designer

Logo Makadamia

"Refill is the new recycle"


"Your choice is our choice"

100% custom

"Take care of our planet"

100% compostable packaging