Make YOUR OWN mix of Nuts and Dried Fruits

Customise your snack by choosing your favourite from nuts, dried fruit, seeds and tasty extra ingredients.

As you compose your mix you can see in real time the benefits that each product can bring to your health, thanks to our informative icons.

You will receive everything in 100% sustainable and compostable packaging.

Ready-made mixes for you.

Are you undecided on how to compose your snack? No problem!

We have prepared a series of ready-made mixes, in collaboration with our nutritionist, differentiated according to benefits and functions.

Find the one that suits you, you will receive it in 100% sustainable and compostable packaging.

porta snack makadamia

The Snack boxes, always with you.

Because we don’t want you to run out of snacks, we have created a box that allows you to carry the mix of nuts and dried fruits with you at all times.

Our MAKA-TOOL is made of certified, environmentally friendly and practical aluminium to preserve quality, taste and durability.


just choose what you love


Plant based e super nutritious.


Only plastic free materials.

mix makadamia vs mix supermercato

The value of what you pay.

For us, the raw material is a true credo. We select only the best nuts and dried fruit. Fresh, without added sugar or additives and never fried.

We do not use cheaper ingredients, such as sultanas, to ‘stretch’ your mix.

We try to ensure the same proportions for each ingredient you choose.



The healthy, energetic and nutritious snack.

Makadamia makes snack and breakfast time healthy, energetic and nutritious, becoming a point of reference for healthy snacking and nuts. This is achieved through constant research and expansion of the product offering.

Not just an e-commerce, but a lifestyle brand that promotes a healthy and eco-sustainable lifestyle.


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How was Makadamia born?

It may sound strange, but the idea of creating Makadamia came from sultanas, or rather from our little passion for this fruit. We realised that practically all companies that produce dried fruit very often include sultanas in their ready-made mixes. The question we asked ourselves is….