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“More than a box… A Snack-Carrier!”

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The MAKA-TOOL was designed by Makadamia to allow you to take your snacks everywhere.
Made of fully recyclable food grade aluminium. Available in five colours and two sizes. The small version is designed to hold 30g of dried fruit, the large version to carry 60g.

Practical. Sustainable. Reusable.


It protects the food from light and air, preserving its quality.

More than just a box.

We certainly couldn’t leave you short of snacks during the day, so we created an object that allows you to carry your dried fruit mix with you at all times.

The MAKA-TOOL is more than just a box, it is
also a banner, all design and shiny aluminium, that stands for the values we hold most dear such as quality and sustainability.

Durable and lightweight, perfect for durability and convenient in your bag or pocket.

Zero Waste.

The sworn enemy of plastic, the MAKA-TOOL elegantly preserves your dried fruit, keeping it fresh and crispy even after several days, thanks to its hermetic closure.

Free to choose.

If you have the possibility of composing your own mix from more than 30 ingredients, it seems only right that you have the MAKA-TOOL in your pocket.

You can choose your favourite from five shades.

And also the size:
Small size (Contains 30 g)
Large size (Contains 60 g)

You buy it once,
use it forever.

Scheda tecnica


The MAKA-TOOL is the design object that Makadamia has created to allow you to take your snacks everywhere.

Material: anodised aluminium, ensures our container is lightweight and protects your snacks from light and air, making it portable and freshness-saving.

Colour: 6 different colours, Black, Silver, Bronze, Pink, Red and Blue.
You choose the one that best expresses your personality.

Size: Small (designed for one snack), Large (perfect for two snacks).
Depending on your needs and hunger, you can take 30 or 60 grams of Mix with you.

Makatool L with screw cap: Height 9.2 cm – Diameter 5.3 cm – Volume 203 cm^3

Makatool S with screw cap: Height 6.6 cm – Diameter 4.3 cm – Volume 95.8 cm^3

Warnings: Do not place the container in direct contact with electrical parts or direct flame.

Do not use inside ovens or microwave ovens and do not expose the container
at temperatures above 40°C. Do not wash in a dishwasher.

The container is suitable for food contact with dried fruit and is designed for prolonged contact.

Rinse before use.

Keep out of reach of children.

This aluminium casket fully represents Makadamia’s founding values: Ecosustainability and Customisation.

Domande frequenti e consigli

Totalmente da alluminio adatto al contatto alimentare. Qualora lo dovessi smaltire, può essere riciclato nell’alluminio.

Il Maka-Tool è pensato per il consumo quotidiano del tuo snack. Per questo è stato certificato tramite analisi chimiche di laboratorio per un contatto alimentare prolungato fino a 24 ore.

Tutte le volte che vorrai. E’ stato pensato per durare nel tempo ed essere riutilizzato dopo opportuno lavaggio.

Il Maka-Tool va lavato con acqua e mai in lavastoviglie.


Co2 savings, maximum freshness, no middlemen.


We use only recycled paper and material.


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