The idea

When sultanas make you say...Eureka!

It may sound strange, but the idea of creating Makadamia came from sultanas, or rather from our little passion for this fruit. We realised that practically all companies that produce dried fruit very often include sultanas in their ready-made mixes. The question we asked ourselves is: what if we want a mix without sultanas? Why can’t we choose the fruit we prefer?

A question of choice

In an era where everything can be on demand, where it is the user who chooses what to consume themselves, it seemed natural to us to think of a product that people could create from the beginning, starting from the ingredients, to the desired quantities, right down to the name. Underlying our project is the philosophy of total transparency in terms of where the fruit comes from, nutritional values and price.

Makadamia is us

To create Makadamia we have put together the pieces of our jigsaw puzzle made up of people, values and love for the environment. One tile is us, a group of friends, lovers of sport and good food.

Another card is our passion for high quality dried fruit from producers in a strictly short and controlled supply chain.

Finally, there is our love for the environment and the knowledge that a top-quality product can (must!) be offered in a totally compostable packaging, with the possibility of carrying it in your bag in a reusable container, The Maka-Tool. You know what they say, don’t you? Refill is the new recycle.

Makadamia is above all you

We love to share taste, quality, stories and values with you. You have the option of composing your own mix from scratch, guided by our algorithm linked to the US Nutritional Database, which uses informative icons to highlight the benefits of the mix in real time. Those who don’t feel like choosing for themselves can rely on Makadamia’s ready-made mixes, carefully designed for different needs and occasions, in collaboration with our nutritionist biologist.

And the sultanas?

The legendary sultana raisins stands out in our catalogue with many other delicious fruits, to be enjoyed as and when you like. Each product is full of stories and curiosities, but above all, it has been carefully selected for its properties. Choose your favourite fruit, create the perfect mix and take it wherever you want.