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100% American Pecan Nuts Butter

“A very delicate taste that becomes apparent to our taste buds after a few seconds”.

200 g
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Nutritional Characteristics

OMEGA 3 & 6
✓ 100% Natural and No Added Sugars
✓ Rich in Protein and Antioxidants
✓ Source of Vitamins and Minerals

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Fluid, almost liquid consistency and decidedly intense taste.

If you love foods that are not overly sweet, then 100% Pecan Nut Butter is perfect for you!

What distinguishes the Pecan Nut from all other nuts, in fact, is precisely this: a sweetness offset by an equally bitter flavour that mitigates each other.

The pecan does just that. At first impact, it is sweet and lovable, only to give way later to a more pungent, almost bitter flavour.

It is then up to our roasting to give it an even stronger flavour!

Compared to the other butters, pecan butter is much more fluid, almost liquidy, as it is a higher-fat fruit and therefore the amount of fibre is lower and the amount of oils higher.

Our Pecans come directly from the United States. It was there, in fact, in the southern regions, that the cultivation of this wonderful fruit, rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6, began.

But that’s not all! Pecans are a valuable source of protein, fibre and vitamins, such as Vitamin E, which helps reduce oxidative stress.

Pecan Butter 100% is perfect for breakfast or as a snack on a slice of warm bread with yoghurt, in cake and biscuit dough, and is really fabulous on fresh fruit salad.

Oh wait… if you try it with cooked apples or pears and sultanas, you risk becoming addicted! We have warned you!

crema noci pecan ricetta

The nuts used for the butters are 100% natural.
They contain no additives or preservatives. They are never fried.
We import it directly from the producers, without intermediaries and without long storage periods.

Our butters are made in a small artisan workshop in Italy, where the choice of raw material is a credo and the roasting of the fruit a true ritual.

The secret of our butters lies in the careful choice of the best ingredient, the correct roasting of the fruit and the perfect consistency obtained by processing and low temperatures so that the cream does not oxidise.

Buy our 100% American Pecan Butter online.

Click on the stars to read our most recent reviews!

Do you have doubts about when it is best to consume your snack or in what portions? Or do you have other questions? Have a look at the FAQ below.

Did you know that together we can protect the environment?
We have chosen to work with a short supply chain, which guarantees fresh, quality products and saves CO2.
Our packaging is 100% compostable: once you have finished your mix you can throw it straight into the organic bin.

cremosità crema noci pecan


Stir the Pecan Nuts Butter well before diving into it… as it is composed of 100% Pecan Nuts the oil naturally rises to the surface.

For the same reason, its taste is rich and intense. One or two teaspoons are the ideal dose to fully enjoy it!


Nutrition Declaration.
Average values per 100 g of product.

Ingredients: Pecan nuts

Origin: USA

Energy: 2886 KJ – 700 kcal – Fat: 70.1 g of which saturated fatty acids: 6 g – Carbohydrates: 5.8 g of which sugars: 4.3 g – Fibre: 4.7 g – Protein: 9.2 g – Salt: 0.002 g

Instructions for use: Mix the Centopercento American Pecan Butter well before dipping into it… as it is 100% Pecan the oil naturally rises to the surface. For the same reason, its taste is rich and intense. One or two teaspoons are the ideal dose to fully enjoy it!

Frequently asked questions and tips

Being 100% nut butter, as with the latter, the ideal consumption is 30/40 g. It is recommended to concentrate intake at breakfast and in the two mid-day snacks, away from main meals.

All of our products are 100% Natural. They contain no preservatives or additives. Our Dried Fruits are never fried.

Yes, they are all suitable products for a celiac, in fact they are naturally gluten-free.

Nut butters are simply stored at room temperature in the pantry (away from heat and light sources), even after opening. Of course, you can also store them in the refrigerator, but the texture will become firmer and less creamy.

It is important never to discard the oil that naturally forms on the surface. It also acts as a protective layer. It simply needs to be stirred well each time it is opened to regain the right consistency.


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We use only recycled paper and materials.


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