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Seed Rotation Bundle

“Arriving from the United States, Seed Rotation can help you say goodbye to menstrual cycle disorders.”

1 Kg
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Nutritional Characteristics

OMEGA 3 & 6
✓ 100% Natural
✓ Help with hormone cycle disorders
✓ Source of protein and minerals
✓ Two 500g pouches

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Premenstrual syndrome, heavy flow, irregular cycles… every woman knows how difficult it can be to deal with hormonal fluctuations and the ups and downs associated with them. At last, from the United States comes a natural technique, called Seed Rotation or Seed Cycling, that can help women experience hormone cycle-related disturbances with less difficulty.

Seed Rotation is a nutritional protocol that consists, primarily, of rotating four types of oil seeds for 28 days: pumpkin, flax, sesame, sunflower.

These seeds support and stimulate hormone production and can be added raw to salads, smoothies or any preparation.


How to do it?

Seed Rotation is organised in two phases of 14 days each. This is because, as you will see below, the minerals and vitamins in the seeds you use are specific to the hormonal phase you are going through. In fact, if you buy this mix you will receive two 500g pouches, each to be consumed in its specific phase.


FIRST PHASE: linseed and pumpkin. During the first fourteen days of the cycle, known as the follicular phase, a woman’s body produces a lot of oestrogen, which is useful for forming the endometrium, the cell wall in which the fertilised egg will be housed. During this phase, it is recommended to take 30 grams of the first mix of Makadamia Seed Rotation every day. These seeds contain lignans, a source of phytoestrogens, which are useful in balancing oestrogen levels, preventing their excess and related symptoms (acne, polycystic ovary). Specifically, flax acts on oestrogen regulation. Pumpkin seeds on the other hand act as remineralisers, being a veritable mine of magnesium, iron, calcium, selenium and zinc. Both seeds help endometrial tissue to develop properly, preventing pain and related pathologies.

In addition, at this stage you have more insulin sensitivity and are therefore metabolically healthier – you can also combine high-carb and sugary products (natural sugars) such as fresh fruit or dried fruit.


25% in the mix


25% in the mix

SECOND PHASE: sesame and sunflower seeds. Subsequently, from day 15 to day 28, the body produces more progesterone, which is useful for thickening the endometrium. In this phase, it is recommended to take 30 grams of the second mix of the Makadamia Seed Rotation Bundle. These seeds are rich in Vitamin E and Zinc: they can stimulate progesterone production and, thanks to Selenium, liver detoxification. In this way, you can naturally help your body to produce more progesterone, low levels of which are associated with the accumulation of pounds and water retention.

In this period you have less insulin sensitivity, so you have to be careful because it is easier to have a high glycaemic index. Prefer dried fruit, which is low in carbohydrates, as snacks.


25% in the mix


25% in the mix

Cooking Ideas

Pumpkin, linseeds, sunflower and sesame seeds are not only beneficial but also tasty when combined with the right ingredients.
Any ideas? Perfect topping for salads or smoothies or, with dried fruit, in yoghurt.

Another useful cooking tip is to chop or grind them.

The seeds do not have an overpowering taste, and when reduced to flour or crushed, their presence will be almost imperceptible. You can therefore also add them to cake mixes, pancakes and muffins.

You can chop the seeds needed for the whole week and store them in the refrigerator: the oils contained in the seeds go rancid easily.

General advice

In conjunction with the period, it is advisable to eat calcium-rich products, such as prunes or skinless almonds, perhaps with whole yoghurt, which is also rich in calcium. This mineral helps reduce uterine contraction pain.

In the case of an irregular cycle, you can follow the moon phase by applying the same criterion and taking the first day of the new moon as a reference.

It is advisable to consult your doctor or nutritionist before embarking on this dietary path.


Buy the Seed Rotation bundle online!

We would like to thank Dr Ilaria Bertini for supporting us in the creation of the Bundle Seed Rotation.

Do you have doubts about when it is best to consume your snack or in what portions? Or do you have other questions? Have a look at the FAQ below.

Did you know that together we can protect the environment?
We have chosen to work with a short supply chain, which guarantees fresh, quality products and saves CO2.
Our packaging is 100% compostable: once you have finished your mix you can throw it straight into the organic bin.

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The Maka-Tool is a foodgrade aluminium box designed to carry 30g (1 snack) of product in the S format and 60g (2 snacks) of product in the L format. It is available in 5 colours!


Seed Rotation Mix 1-14 – 500 g

Nutrition Declaration.
Average values per 100 g of product.

Ingredients: Dark Linseeds, Pumpkin Seeds.

Energy: 860.8KJ – 207.8kcal
Fats: 15.42g of which saturated fatty acids: 2.26g
Carbohydrates: 4.12g of which sugars: 0.68g
Fibre: 6.18g – Protein: 10.04g – Salt: 0.022g

Seed Rotation Mix 15-28 – 500g

Nutrition Declaration.
Average values per 100 g of product.

Ingredients: Sunflower Seeds, Sesame Seeds.

Energy: 1022KJ – 247kcal
Fats: 21.24g of which saturated fatty acids: 2.72g
Carbohydrates: 4.94g of which sugars: 0.06g
Fibre: 3.84g – Protein: 7.14g – Salt: 0.036g

Frequently asked questions and tips

The ideal consumption is 30 g per day for 28 days in order to complete the seed rotation cycle. There is no specific time to consume them; you can add them as a topping to your dishes or grind them and insert them into doughs.

Once the seeds are ground, they should be consumed immediately to avoid oxidation and subsequent loss of nutritional values. Pulverized seeds can be added to cold creams, yogurt or on salads.

All of our products are 100% Natural. They contain no preservatives or additives.

Our seeds are naturally gluten-free. However, products containing gluten are processed within our plant, so cross contamination could occur.


Co2 savings, maximum freshness, no middlemen.


We use only recycled paper and materials.


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