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Dehydrated Banana

“It is the only fruit of love….”

250 g
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Nutritional Characteristics

Rich in potassium
✓ No added sugar
✓ Immediate Energy Source

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Learn how we dehydrate our fruit👇


Dark colour, smooth texture and very sweet taste.

It is the only fruit of love….

Clearly we are talking about the banana, more specifically our Dehydrated Banana

Sometimes simple things are the best, like our bananas that are peeled, cut into rounds and soaked in a solution of water and a small percentage of lemon juice to prevent oxidation. The bananas are then dried in a ‘gentle drying’ process that takes more than two days.


You know the classic banana (which many times is actually fried plantain) with a pale yellow colour and extra crispy texture that you find in the supermarket? Well, forget it.

Ours, in fact, is a natural banana – as natural as it gets!


This means that not only does it look different, but it tastes different too.


Don’t worry if the fruit is darker to the eye, this is because it does not contain sulphites and preservatives.

The texture is also totally different. We are used to crispy bananas, but do you know why? Because they are fried! Ours, on the other hand, being dried slowly in the oven, takes on a much softer texture.


Want a tasty, quick and smart snack? Then hurry up and stock up on some dehydrated banana because it will satisfy your taste buds while it takes care of your body perfectly. Compact and super nutritious, ideal as a snack for a bike ride, in your exotic bowl or for an office snack.


It is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals (especially potassium), fibre and phytosterols and has a low glycaemic index. Beneficial for the cardiovascular system, digestion and perfect if you have a quick need for energy, whether you are doing sport or are in the office and looking for inspiration for a great idea.


Our dehydrated banana is untreated, containing only the fruit’s own sugars and no added sugar. The slow, low-temperature drying process is aimed at preserving the taste and nutritional values.  

Our dried fruit is 100% natural.

It contains no additives or preservatives.

We do not add sugars; only those that the fruit has naturally are present.
We import it directly from the producers, without middlemen or long storage periods.

In some cases, we produce it ourselves in artisan workshops with the help of professional biologists.

Buy our dehydrated banana online to have an energy boost at your fingertips ready to support you whenever and wherever you want.

Click on the stars to read our most recent reviews!

Do you have doubts about when it is best to consume your snack or in what portions? Or do you have other questions? Have a look at the FAQ below.

Did you know that together we can protect the environment?
We have chosen to work with a short supply chain, which guarantees fresh, quality products and saves CO2.
Our packaging is 100% compostable: once you have finished your mix you can throw it straight into the organic bin.



The Maka-Tool is a foodgrade aluminium box designed to carry 30g (1 snack) of product in the S format and 60g (2 snacks) of product in the L format. It is available in 5 colours!

Nutrition Declaration

Average values per 100 g of product

Ingredients: Banana, Lemon juice

: 1432.00KJ – 338.00kcal
Fats: 2.00g of which saturated fatty acids: 0.80g
Carbohydrates: 75.00g of which sugars: 48.00g
Fibre: 6.10g – Protein: 2.00g – Salt: 0.13g

Frequently asked questions and tips

Our dehydrated fruit should be considered the same as fresh fruit in that it has no additives or added sugars. In fact, it contains all the nutrients of the original fruit, from which, however, around 90% of the water is removed by drying.

This means that 40 g of dehydrated fruit, which is an excellent daily portion, corresponds to about 300/350 g of its fresh counterpart.
An example? 40 g of our dehydrated apple corresponds on average to 2 fresh apples.

The best times to eat dehydrated fruit are, as with fresh fruit, certainly at snacks away from the main meals. This way, the fruit will be better digested and assimilated.

All our dehydrated fruit does NOT contain added sugars, only those originating from the fruit.

We strongly believe that it does not need any added sugar either for taste or for storage. In fact, it tastes sweet enough on its own.

Our dehydrated fruit is produced from the original fresh fruit, without the addition of additives, flours or sugars.

Dehydrated fruit is naturally gluten-free. However, products containing gluten are processed in our factory, so cross contamination may occur.

There is no difference, they are synonymous. Dehydrated/dried fruit is fresh fruit from which approximately 90% water is removed by drying.

Drying process removes about 90 percent water from the fruit in order to allow it to be stored for a long time. This process may make the fruit harder. If it turns out too hard for your taste, you can soften it by letting it steep in boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes.


Co2 savings, maximum freshness, no middlemen.


We use only recycled paper and materials.


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